You do not need a new drum unit every time you change the toner!

Posted by Adrian Rigby on

A customer came in for a toner cartridge the other day, which I sold him. I was then asked where’s the other bit? On enquiring about which other bit, I was told the drum the toner goes in.

On some Laser printers, Brother ones for instance the toner cartridge and drum unit are separate items, unlike say HP laser printers where the drum unit and toner are all in one unit.

Toner Cartridge And Drum Unit All In One. The Blue bit is the drum.

Separate Toner & Drum.

The toner is the grey bit, it fits inside the drum unit above.

The drum unit does not need to be changed until your print quality gets feint or deteriorates. Or your printer tells you it needs a new drum unit. On average depending on the print density being done, a drum unit lasts between 3-6 toner cartridges. It does not have to be changed every time you change the toner.

Save your money and just change the toner and drum when your printer needs it.

If in doubt please call 01522-683460 and we will do our best to help.

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