Why it is important to register with the manufacturer when you get a new printer

Why it is important to register with the manufacturer when you get a new printer

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When buying a new printer, the ideal situation is getting it home, setting it up, and starting to print straight away. Unfortunately, you may come across issues when you are setting up your printer or further down the line. We discuss in this article why it is important to register with the manufacturer when you get a new printer and some things you can do to avoid needing to use the warranty.

How to register

There are several ways to register your printer and these will vary by manufacturer. Usually, you need to fill out the warranty card that comes with the printer's paperwork. Alternatively, they may ask you to fill it out online. Without doing either of these options, your printer will not have a valid warranty. Even if the product states that it comes with a warranty, this is not an automatic process. You will have to register before the warranty comes into effect.

How to avoid needing to use the guarantee

Follow setup directions exactly

Make sure you follow the directions in the setup guide to the letter. Even if you think you know what you are doing, ensure you follow what the instructions say. Each printer can be different and need to be set up in a particular way to avoid any issues. For example, it may be tempting the switch the printer on immediately instead of waiting until the instructions ask you to. 

Correct Operating System

To avoid immediate issues, ensure your printer is compatible with the computer operating system you want to work with. If it isn't, the printer may not work at all, which can be a costly mistake. 

Check Wi-Fi connections  

Make sure you install all Wi-Fi connections properly - they can be delicate and easily damaged. Refer back to the instructions to do this correctly.


If you are experiencing any technical glitches when you first set up your printer and you can't find a solution quickly online, try giving the manufacturer's helpline a call. These helplines are dedicated to the brand of printer you have and will more than likely have come across the issue you are having before. Often, they will talk you through the problem you are having and go through the steps you have to take to fix the problem. 

In extreme cases, if they are not able to talk you through the issues, they may send someone to help you fix the issue. To access this service, you will need to make sure your printer is registered with the manufacturer’s guarantee.

It's good to remember that though it can be frustrating to ring a helpline if you have a problem, the people on the phone are there to help you through the issue. They will probably have seen the issue many times before and will be the best place for help.

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