Why is my printer not printing? Part Two

Why is my printer not printing? Part Two

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We previously wrote an article about “why is my printer not printing?”. If you have gone through these points and your printer is still not working, there is a chance you may need a new printer. However, there are a few more things you can try. Whilst printers don’t tend to last as long as they used to, there is usually a logical reason why it is not working. 

Laser Printers

Is your printer a laser printer? If it is, you may experience a slight delay when printing. This is because laser printers do not print instantly. This is because, unlike inkjet printers, laser printers have to warm up first. For those not used to using laser printers, this can come as a surprise and the user may initially jump to the conclusion that there is an issue with the printer, when in fact that’s not the case. If you are unsure what type of printer you have, simply look underneath or at the back - this is usually where the model of printer is stated.

Not having the correct printer connected

You must ensure that the printer you are wanting to use is the one that is connected to your device. Just as we mentioned in the point above, you can check the name of the model and brand of the printer by looking underneath. Make note of the model and check that this matches up with the printer showing on your device. If it is the wrong number, click on the drop-down and see if the printer appears on the list of alternative printers. If it is still not showing, you will have to try and reconnect your printer.

You press print and it comes out in black and white, not colour 

This is a common problem and can be due to several reasons. Firstly, as above, check which printer the work is being sent to. We have had a couple of cases of customers telling us that the printer cartridges we have supplied will not print in colour. It turned out the work was being sent to a mono (black and white printer) hence it was printing in black and white. 

If the work is being sent to the correct printer, check the printer settings have not been altered to mono only (black and white). Some colour printers can allow you to do this to save on colour toner or ink. 

If you have checked the settings and they are correct, then check the toner or ink levels on your printer. A number of colour printers will continue to print in black only when the other colours are empty. 

Change the lead 

Another simple technique that can be effective is using a different lead. Automatically, when a device such as a printer is not working, we blame the machine when in fact it may not have anything to do with the machine itself. It could be something to do with the lead. Try changing or replacing the lead used to connect the computer to the printer if it does not work. Leads can go faulty and it is one of the most obvious things to check, but something many people overlook.

Paper Jam

Clearing a paper jam is never simple. Even if you think you have managed to get the piece of paper out, you can end up ripping it and leaving pieces in the printer, leading to future jams. Whilst clearing paper jams is not a great job, ensure every piece is accounted for. If any pieces are left in the paper feeding path, once another page is printed, another jam will inevitably happen. 

If you are certain that you have removed all of the paper, but jams are still happening, your printer may need a thorough cleaning. You can purchase cleaning sheets which are pieces of paper specifically designed to clean your rollers. These are available from most office supply shops or online.

When printing, also make sure you are using the correct paper. Paper comes in different weights, and each printer will have a paperweight limit that it can handle. If you are using paper or card that is too thick, you can cause a jam or even damage to your printer. Also, consider where you store your paper. If you live in a humid area or keep the paper somewhere damp, the paper can absorb moisture and lead to paper jams. To avoid this, keep the paper in the packet and always store it in a cool, dry location.

Check Printer Driver for Errors + Update your printer Driver

Printer problems can often stem from having out-of-date or wrong printer drivers. The printer driver acts as a translator between the computer and your printer. However, sometimes the driver can go wrong, just like other software. Drivers can sometimes become out of the date and this means it may no longer be compatible with your operating system after updating. Alternatively, you may have the wrong driver for your printer or computer. Either way, these issues can be fixed, simply by changing or updating your driver on the printer company’s website.

Use another program to print your document 

Printing errors can sometimes be caused because of the program you are trying to print from rather than the printer itself. If you cannot see anything wrong with the printer, try restarting the program or using a different one.. You may also want to try printing from another device if possible.


Restart everything 

Sometimes, the simplest of options can be the most effective. Most modern printers rely on your internet connection, printer, printing device, Wi-Fi, and router all working correctly. If you cannot get something to print, try switching the printer, router, and device off and on again to try and reestablish the printing connection.

“Why is my printer not printing?” is a question we often get asked and whilst we are not a supplier of printers, we have worked with printers for decades and therefore regularly come across the main reasons for printer issues.

If you have ruled out all of the issues outlined in this article and our previous article, then we recommend that you contact the manufacturer directly for help. They can offer you advice on how to fix your printer or help you get your printer repaired. However, if your printer is outside of its warranty period, it may be more cost-effective to replace the printer.

If you have any other questions regarding your printer or cartridges, pick up the phone and call us at AB Cartridges on 01522 683460. Alternatively, you can email us at admin@abcartridges.co.uk.

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