The real cost of Printing Can be Cut.

The real cost of Printing Can be Cut.

Posted by Adrian Rigby on

The cost of doing business keeps going up, so it is good when I can cut the cost of printing for a customer without them having to spend anything, except buy printer cartridges as normal.

When customers call us to place an order the conversation often starts with a customer asking if they could order some printer cartridges and we are then told a part number they require. This is where we save people money.

Most printer manufacturers make several cartridges for a printer model. The cartridges are usually physically the same size, but the amount of toner or ink in them varies enormously. Hence the amount of printing the cartridge will do for you also varies. One example is a “standard “cartridge gives a page yield of 3,000 pages and costs say £30.00 each and the “hi capacity version” version gives 6,000 pages and only costs £10.00 more, £40.00 each. That's 100% more pages of print for an extra 33% of cost. Or printing 6,000 pages for either £60.00 with two standard cartridges or 1 hi capacity cartridge at £40.00, I know which one I prefer.

We always point our customers at the higher capacity versions as they are a better deal cost wise. This is the same type of thing weather you are buying inkjet cartridges or toners in a lot of cases. Some printers only have one printer cartridge so you do not have the choice. But please check up which version you are buying, it could save you a lot of money over time.

Or if you are not sure which cartridges to get, please give us a ring on 01522 683460 or e-mail and we will gladly explain your options on cartridges.                       

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