The difference between regular and higher yield cartridges

The difference between regular and higher yield cartridges

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When it comes to ink and toner cartridges, there are lots of options to choose from and this can be overwhelming for some people. The perfect cartridge for you and your printer depends on a range of factors, including what printer you own and how much you print on average. If you print a lot on a regular basis, you may want to consider opting for a high yield or high-capacity cartridge. Here, we will be explaining the key differences between regular and high yield cartridges to help you determine which would be the best choice for you. 

What is a high-yield ink cartridge?

High yield or high capacity cartridges contain more ink or toner than a regular cartridge and can print more pages per cartridge than the average cartridge. Standard yield cartridges are also known as “regular” cartridges and will be what customers are most likely used to seeing. They tend to be the cartridge type that comes with the printer and are designed for smaller-scale printing.

Depending on the type of cartridge and what documents you are printing, you can often get 150-300 pages from a standard cartridge before it needs replacing. High-yield cartridges can usually print approximately 50% more pages than a standard cartridge. In some cases, it can even be double. 


Do high-yield cartridges cost more?

The retail price of high-yield cartridges tends to be higher because they contain more ink or toner. However, whilst they are more expensive to purchase initially, the fact that they print more pages, means that the cost per page printed is actually lower. This makes high-yield cartridges more cost-effective than standard cartridges, providing you print regularly - ink cartridges are prone to drying out if not used for a while.

Are high-yield cartridges worth it?

If you are printing on a regular basis then purchasing a high yield cartridge is worth it. They offer a considerably higher amount of pages per cartridge and for those printing a lot, they are ideal as you will not have to purchase replacements as regularly. 

Is there a difference in physical size?

There is no or very minimal difference in the size and shape of a high yield cartridge compared to a standard one. There is just more toner powder or ink packed into high yield cartridges. As high yield cartridges are sometimes referred to as XL cartridges, it can cause  confusion or concern over the physical size and can lead some people to wonder whether the larger cartridges will fit their printer. There is no need to worry about this, as the size refers to the amount of ink or toner inside the cartridge as opposed to the physical size.

Extra-High Yield Capacity Cartridges

Some cartridges, but not all, are also available in extra high yield, also known as XXL, and can typically print up to four times the amount of a standard yield cartridge. If you print a large amount regularly, you should consider opting for this type of cartridge to best suit your needs. This is perfect for document-heavy offices and businesses, however, it is important to check that your printer can support extra high yield cartridges before purchasing. You can often find this information in the printer manual.

Environmental benefits

High-yield cartridges do not just benefit your bank balance in the long term, they also have environmental benefits. Not having to purchase them as regularly, means you are reducing the energy and materials used to produce, package, and post the cartridges, meaning you are creating less waste. A win-win situation!

Understanding page yield 

Whilst high and extra high-yield cartridges are great, you need to ensure your expectations are met to avoid disappointment. Whilst we have discussed in this article how many more pages the larger cartridges can print, it is completely dependent on the type of documents you are printing. Page yield is based on 5% ink or toner coverage on a page. Therefore, if you are printing medium to large pictures, this can be the equivalent of printing 20 or more pages at once. The yield number is estimated as you cannot measure the amount of liquid left in the cartridge. So, whilst you will certainly get more from a high or extra high yield cartridge, you must take what you are printing into consideration, rather than expecting a guaranteed number of pages.


One downside to high-yield cartridges is they may not be as readily available as standard cartridges. Standard cartridges are the most common size on the market and are extremely easy to purchase. Having said this, you can purchase a range of high and extra high-yield cartridges online from suppliers such as ourselves.

Which brands offer high-yield cartridges?

Whilst not all brands offer high yield cartridges, the majority of them do, including: Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, HP, and more.

High-yield cartridges can be beneficial to many printer users and should definitely be considered. If you want to discover more about which ink or toner cartridge type is best for you, then do not hesitate to get in touch. With over 20 years of industry experience, we will be able to find you the perfect product. Pick up the phone and call us at AB Cartridges on 01522 683460. Alternatively, you can email us at We offer free, unbiased advice to help you get the best products for your printing needs.

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