Save yourself Some money!

Save yourself Some money!

Posted by Adrian Rigby on

Have you ever gone out to buy a printer, been confused with the selection and thought one printer is much the same as another? Then bought a printer on how it looks and the purchase price. A customer came in this morning and the above is more or less what he told me. The point of this is. The cost of the ink for his printer was more than the cost of the printer! It was a hp inkjet printer with two ink cartridges in it.

Any printer with two ink cartridges in it is an expensive way to print; we cannot get reliable compatible/re-manufactured ink cartridges for these printers. So it is genuine printer manufacturer’s cartridges only.

There are cheaper ways to print, usually any inkjet printer with individual ink cartridges means we can get cost effective quality compatible ink cartridges for it. There are one or two exceptions. If you can get away with black and white printing only, them a laser printer is far cheaper to run. Sometimes you can buy a colour laser printer for the same price as many inkjet ones.

The end of this is, my customer was returning (he had not yet unpacked the printer) the printer and buying a Colour laser printer. Much the same price, quicker and a lot cheaper to run. If in doubt. Please give us a ring 01522-683460/fb message and we will do our best to save wear and tear on your bank balance.

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