Put the right colour cartridge in the correct position.

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Put the right colour cartridge in the correct position.

A customer called me today asking if he had a faulty cartridge. He has been a customer for a long time and not had any issues using compatible cartridges. I asked for the invoice number etc to check he had been sent the correct cartridges for his printer. When I asked for the part number on the box the cartridge came in, it was correct for the printer. I then asked, which colour cartridge are you changing? The response was Black.

I then asked if the cartridge fitted in the printer ok? I was told yes but a light was flashing on the printer. “I have not had this before” is it faulty? He then looked at the printer and said “it really helps if you put the right cartridge in the right slot”. On the printer where the cartridges go in there is a colour label for each cartridge. He was distracted, removed the Yellow cartridge, the first one his hand fell on and put the Black new cartridge in the yellow slot.

The cartridge fitted ok but the computer chip on the end of the cartridge was for the Black cartridge and not he yellow. Hence the printer would not accept it. Once the right colour cartridges were in the right slot the printer worked fine.

I will admit to this one as I have done it, trying to do two things at once. I really should take my own advice!!!!

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