Make Sure You fully Pull out the Toner Ribbon!

Make Sure You fully Pull out the Toner Ribbon!

Posted by Adrian Rigby on

When fitting a lot of toner cartridges (not Brother or Oki), you have to remove a ribbon that allows the toner in the cartridge to be used. When toner cartridges are built the toner hopper part, where the toner is stored, is sealed by a ribbon to allow manufacture. On fitting the toner cartridge to your printer you need to remove this ribbon. You do this by pulling on a tab on the side of the cartridge which enables you to pull out the ribbon and release the toner.

When pulling the tape out always do it with a straight pull, or it may not come all the way out.

Always do this after giving the toner cartridge a shake to distribute the toner in the cartridge.

The picture below shows the toner hopper you are releasing the toner from.

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