Hi Capacity Ink Cartridges Reality check

Hi Capacity Ink Cartridges Reality check

Posted by Adrian Rigby on

Hi everyone,

I hope returning to normality is going in the right direction for you. As anyone who wants them at the moment knows HP 300,301 & 304 inkjet cartridges are non-existent. We have quite a waiting list for these.

As well as the fact you cannot print with these at the moment, because you cannot get them, they are not the most cost effective method of printing. An increasing number of customers who have printers that take these cartridges have asked us to recommend an alternative printer that cartridges are readily available for. One popular solution is laser printer, these are not as expensive as most people thought and their actual foot print, the amount of space they take up is also less than a lot of people think.

Your average xl hi capacity ink jet cartridge gives a page yield of 450-480 pages @ 5% coverage for a cost of around £34-£35.00 inc vat. If you use, or have to use the printer manufacturers ink cartridges. You can buy a toner cartridge that gives 3,000 page yield @5% coverage for the same price or less. It is much the same story with colour ink and toner, the toner works out much cheaper to print with.

We do not sell printers, so have no bias towards any particular makes. We base or recommendations purely on which cartridges we sell the most of and which cartridges give the most cost effective cost of printing.

So if you would like to find a cheaper way of printing that you can get cartridges for. Please contact us.

Tel: 01522 683460  e-mail sales@abcartridges.co.uk Face book A B Cartridges Lincoln.

I wish you all well in the coming months.

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