Has Your Scanner Stopped Working?

Has Your Scanner Stopped Working?

Posted by Adrian Rigby on

A customer phoned me the other day to say that our cartridges also fix scanners. The lady in question had found that her printer,scanner copier was low on toner for one cartridge. She accepted that this was why it would not print. But had given up on the scanner as broken several weeks ago, the last time she ran out of toner. Changing the empty cartridge restored the usage of all the machines 3 functions.

A lot of us have a multi-functional printer,Scanner & Copier of which we use all of the functions. However its ability to do any of the above depends on it having enough toner /ink ink it. If one of the cartridges is not registering as enough in to print. Non of the functions will work. Being low on toner or ink means you cannot scan,copy or print.

So if your scanner/copier in not working when you last tried it. Try it again when you have fitted some new cartridges to the machine. It may well fix the problem and save the cost of a new machine.

If you are in the above situation please call 01522-683460 /FB message or go to www.abcartridges.co.uk . We can probably restore your printer to working with all functions and cut the cost of your printing.

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