Has your printer stopped working?

Has your printer stopped working?

Posted by Adrian Rigby on

This usually happens at the most inconvenient time, so if you are like me .You just resolve the issue without too much thought and move on. You have more important issues than choosing a replacement printer.

A customer called me stood in a shop in Glasgow and asked me “Adrian what does this printer do to the gallon?” The lady meant what is the cost of cartridges for this particular printer. The cartridges being the main cost in printing. The printer mentioned was not cheap to run. So she went down the shelf on her phone reading off printer models until we found one that was not going to bankrupt her for the cartridges. This was the one she bought. It was not the printer the shop were trying to sell her.

Hindsight is something I do not have, but a few minutes thought and asking a few questions can save you a lot of money over the coming years. There are expensive ways to print and less expensive ones.  A B Cartridges has been advising customers on which printer to buy for over 20 years, we make recommendations based on two things:

  1. What the customers print requirements are, how much they print, do they need colour? Etc.
  2. The option that will have least wear and tear on their bank balance.

We basically recommend printers that are a cost effective way of achieving what the customer wants. Inkjet or Laser? / Colour or just Black & white?

So if you are faced with purchasing a new printer, please contact us and we will gladly give advice on the cost of cartridges /suitability of the proposed purchase. Call 01522-683460 / e-mail sales@abcartridges.co.uk or Contact us via face book. A few minutes on the phone could save you a lot of money in the long run.

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