Does the print smudge off on your Labels and card ?

Does the print smudge off on your Labels and card ?

Posted by Adrian Rigby on

Do your laser printed labels smudge when touched? The printer prints fine on paper and does everything asked of it until you print some labels or on thin card. It is annoying when the printer does this as you peel off the label and the print smudges or rubs off. This makes putting a label on things pointless.

The reason for this is because the labels are thicker than standard paper; printing on thin card has the same affect. A Laser printer works by burning the toner in the cartridges onto the paper, every laser printer has something called a fusser unit in it, which heats up to burn the toner onto the paper. It is set initially at a standard 80-100gm paper heat setting, and prints fine rub fast print on paper. When you print on anything thicker (card or labels) the extra thickness of what you are printing does not get hot enough to burn the toner onto the item being printed.

To cure this problem, go into the printer settings screen on your computer and select the correct type of paper. This tells the printer what it is printing on and it adjusts itself accordingly. It will print labels and card slower than paper as passing the item being printed through the printer slower enables the heat from the fusser unit to do its job. It means the item being printed gets hot enough to burn the toner on so it does not smudge.

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