Do you really need to print in Colour!

Do you really need to print in Colour!

Posted by Adrian Rigby on

This question usually arises from a conversation about cutting print costs for customers. For a lot of customers, once they have thought about it; the answer is usually NO. Yes colour looks good, but how many documents do you print that really do not need to have colour content, anything for internal use only for instance.

Printing in Black and white is a lot cheaper than colour. Yes somethings have to be in colour for presentation purposes, and to look good for customers. But colour printing can be a very expensive luxury. One customer told me once it is known you have a colour laser printer you become very popular. Again there are expensive ways of printing in colour, and cost effective ways.

The cheapest way of printing is mono (black & white laser), depending on your needs colour laser if the right machine is bought can also be cost effective. If you are going to buy a printer ask yourself, do I really need to print in colour? It can have a lasting effect on your bank balance! If you are not sure which printer to buy, please call us on 01522 683460 or e-mail, or face book message us. We have a lot of free knowledge to give out and we do not sell printers. So will always give advice based on experience or the number of cartridges we sell for particular printers. In our business we have a mono laser printer which does 97% of our printing, and a colour inkjet printer for when colour is needed.

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