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We regularly post with regards to printer/cartridge issues and advice on which printer to buy. But I thought it would be worthwhile to put a post about what we actually do as a business since 1999.We supply printer cartridges, drum units, ribbons, fax films & copier toners nationwide to customers ranging from  business of all sizes, hospitals, prisons, banks, schools, councils, and home users. In fact anyone looking for cost effective quality printer cartridges, backed up with reliable delivery.

Having been around since 1999 we have amassed a good knowledge of cost effective ways of printing and we get a lot of customers asking us for printer recommendations when they need to buy a new one. It’s not the cost of the printer, but the cost of the cartridges that go in it you need to find out about. This is a free service with recommendations based on printer cartridge sales and what the customer needs to print.

We also make customers aware of the cheapest way to buy their printer cartridges. Most printer cartridges are available in two sizes. Standard and hi capacity.  Both cartridges are usually physically identical in size, but one has a lot more ink /toner in it than the other. This can have a significant effect on the cost of printing if you are always buying the standard cartridges and not the Hi capacity ones.

Printer drum units do not need changing every toner, we always ask a customer if the printer is asking for a new drum or has the print quality declined/ If the answer is no to both these questions, we advise “save your money you do not need a new drum yet”

If you have filed your printer user manual under “L for Later” and cannot find it, please give us a call. We have quite a collection of links we can e-mail you to user manuals/videos on how to.

So if you require a printer cartridges/toners or drums, or advice on a printer purchase. Please give us a call on 01522 683460 Monday to Friday 9.00am-5.30 pm Or Face book message, e-mail sales @abcartridges.co.uk.    


     We will do our best to help.

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