A B Cartridges doing our best

Posted by Adrian Rigby on

Hi Everyone, we are still here doing our best in the present situation, which will come to and end at some point. If you do require any printer cartridges/toners or drum units please call us on 01522 683460

between 9.00am/5.00pm Monday to Friday. We can still supply 94-95% of items. The only ones we are definitely unable to supply are HP ink cartridges 300/301/302/304, the ink cartridges for hp printers that take two cartridges, one Black and one colour. Some of the Brother ink cartridges are unavailable, although we can usually supply a compatible alternative.

Most toner cartridges 98% with a couple of exceptions can still be supplied. 

I wish you all well and look forward to coming out of this situation so we can all move on and get back to normal.

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01522 683460