A B Cartridges Business update 17/04/2020

Posted by Adrian Rigby on

Hi Everyone, This is to let you all know that during these trying times we are doing our best to provide as normal a service as we can. The couriers and royal mail are being brilliant. They have reduced staff and are i think doing a great job of keeping things moving. Some next day orders are taking 48 hrs, but in these current times i reckon that is good going. We are still supplying printer cartridges nationwide to anyone who needs them, if you call 01522 683460 and the phone is not answered straight away. I am in here on my own, please call back later or e-mail sales@abcartridges.co.uk , I will get back to you. We can still supply most cartridges one way or another with a few notable exceptions. HP 302-304 inkjets we cannot get. 


So if you are  working from home or just doing your best to keep your business going and need printer cartridges/drums & toners , Please contact me and i will do my best to help. Stay safe and look after your self, this will end at some point.

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